Sunday, January 2, 2011

Blog 13 -- Annabel Begley-- our first great grandchild

Annabel Cristi Begley was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on May 2, 2010. For Christmas we got a lovely picture of her which we put on the mantle of our fireplace. She smiles at us in her pretty red Christmas dress. She is the fourth generation of Carlsons in the United States going back to my father coming here about 1925 from Stockholm, Sweden. She is the fifth generation of Vogels in America, my mother’s parents having come to the US about 1892 from Tarnapol, Ukraine. On the Miller side she is the eighth generation since John Miller was born in the US in 1795. On the Dawald side Annabel is eight generations removed from Michael Dawald who lived in Pennsylvania about that time. Annabel is related on both the Miller and Dawald side to Andrew Babcock who was born in England in 1731 and who came to the Colonies with his brother and fought in the Revolutionary War. He and his brother were blacksmiths and helped make the “great chain” near Kingston (later the West Point military academy) that stretched across the Hudson River and kept the British fleet from moving north to Canada. That puts Annabel at the ninth generation since the Babcock connection to the Revolutionary War. It will now be up to her mother Vanessa to relate her to the families of the Woodwards and Begleys.

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