Friday, September 2, 2011

FAKE ADS September 2, 2011

It is disappointing that there are people who are unscrupulous and use the names of others to promote their products and services or to endorse their reputations. I just changed my password to my email account after being hacked. I wish it to be known that I do not endorse products (e.g., pharmaceuticals), services (e.g., airline bookings), or job opportunities and work at home for pay schemes. Unfortunately, I just finished a scholarly book on the history of sex determination and it will be going into production early next year. As a result of Googling documents I needed for this study, I have been flooded with invitations to hire sexual escorts, get blow jobs, or find sexual pen pals on the web,. At age 80 I desire none of these services. I will leave this Blog for the indefinite future so that if you happen to see me endorsing one of those out of character ads, you will know it is a fake.